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Industry 4.0

We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will alter the way we live, work, & relate to one another. This revolution emerging at a high level describes the intelligent networking of machines & processes in the industry with the help of information & communication technology.


IVI Systems

Systems Consumer experiences with personal electronics are shaping expectations for in-vehicle infotainment systems making it a fast-evolving segment of the automotive industry. we have been developing innovative integrated circuits for IVI since our first car radio ICs.

IT Banking


Telematics is a technology that links the areas of telecommunications and IT. Telematics is, therefore, the means of linking information from at least two information systems with the help of a secured telecommunications system and special data processing.

Wealth Management Banking


As the automotive industry grows smarter, cybersecurity protocols are used to protect vehicles from malicious attacks. Automotive cybersecurity secures communication networks, electronic systems, software, and data collected by the new wave of intelligent cars from harm.

Our Automotive Software Services

Enhancing digital capabilities to enhance operational efficiencies and internal processes ranging from manufacturing parts to product and asset management.

Quality Control

Our digitized solutions can ensure whether the product meets its expected functions and behavior, detect errors, and help them fix high-quality standards.


We bring software and hardware together to develop audio and video entertainment inside the vehicles with seamless integrations.

Data Processing

With extensive experience in big data processing, we know how to process and manage the massive loads of vehicle data, sensor data, and real-time traffic data and develop rich visualized boards with meaningful analytic dashboards.


ComfNet has been building smart & reliable navigation solutions that help drivers reach the destination by providing easy safe routes, available charging stations, the current position of the car, etc.


Always ears to help you out regarding any stage of software development.

Maintenance and Support

ComfNet Solutions render support and maintenance as long as you need our technical advice or help.

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In the future, the vehicle will be software-driven and contain hundreds of millions of lines of programming. To achieve this, the automotive industry must develop new competencies and invest more in IT and communication technologies.
                                                                                                                                                                              – Study, Deutsche Telekom

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