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We are committed to ensuring the quality, technicality, and efficiency of our innovative software products.
ComfNet offers high-quality, tailor-made technical products across all industries. With a wide range of services, we are offering tailor-made software products from planning, development, and implementation through to use in your business. With more than five years of experience in the integration of digital technologies in all areas of the company, our products and services create individual solutions for our customers worldwide.

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We’ve exceled our experience in a wide range of industries to bring valuable insights and provide our customers.

e-Visitor Management

e-Visitor Management

Helps your company to digitally manage visitors via our e-Visitor Management System product. Upgrade from the predictable paper, pen, and outdated logbooks and go digital with a single touchpad login that streamlines your reception.

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With our contactless, QR, and cloud-based software solution, you can intelligently approach different implementation business scenarios. It is designed to fit perfectly with any requirement and create value for business owners.


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With Cookie Banner you get an easy-to-use tool for WordPress that allows you to integrate cookies such as retargeting cookies.


TRAZER® (TRaffic AnalyZer and EnumeratoR) is a technology that helps in useful traffic data collection and analysis catering to heterogeneous as well as homogeneous traffic conditions of the developing world. TRAZER® provides accurate and audit-able traffic data perfect for all traffic conditions.


KLiPR is a complete software solutions for the Logistics and Transportation Industry with the integration of contemporary technologies. Our solutions could optimize traffic routes and enhance business processes.

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Emilia Clarke
Christian Grohganz,
Managing Director Weltfern interactive
With ComfNet we have a perfect co-operation partner for the development of software projects. We appreciate the cooperation with the pool of specialized experts in different fields: From individualized single development to high-end projects. And last but not least, the human factor is always an asset".
Emilia Clarke
Henning Tepe,
Co-founder, Transparenseeds
ComfNet Solutions (Dr. Faizan) helped us with his excellent communication skills and guided us through a 10 days Indian trip for our research concerning fair trade and organic cotton. We warmly recommend ComfNet Solutions for consulting if you are interested in starting a business.
Emilia Clarke
Frank Schweikert,
CEO - Aldebran Marine Research & Broadcast
Our professional cooperation on a high level of quality work with ComfNet Solutions (Dr. Faizan). Level of our satisfaction from ComfNet Solutions service is very high and does not require constant supervision.

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