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IT infrastructure is the backbone of any enterprise. We bring years of in-depth experience and expertise in managing IT installments for small, medium, and large enterprises.

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Improve and Innovate with the Tech Trends

We offer services to create IT infrastructures. From network connections to computer equipment and various industrial software and network components, we integrate your IT into the best possible solution.

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IT Infrastructure Services

IT Administration

With our Backup & Recovery Services via Veam, Commvault, and Licensing solutions for Microsoft Operating Systems, SQL, CAL, and Servers you can enhance security, reduce cost, and give you better control over the entire IT solutions. The consolidation of the IT Team offers infrastructure management, maintenance, great flexibility, and scalability.

Database Services

Any enterprise’s performance depends on data as it determines your business decisions. Our database services like SAP, Oracle DB, DBaaS, AWS Cloud-Based Services can transform your dispersed data into flexible reports that provide clear visibility into your business and empower you to make better strategic business decisions.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting has become synonymous with quality, speed, and performance. What makes ComfNet Solutions the best cloud hosting provider is that we feature uptime guarantee, troublefree management, safe and secure environment. ComfNet lets you, monitor, regulate, and manage risk across all your cloud services with advanced security controls.

Network Administration

We can optimize the complete network connection of your company. Our network management services include first fault analysis, then performance management, and network deployment. Quality of service is maintained by improving network performance and securing it through proper firewall integration and endpoint security.

Inventory Management

We help companies capture hardware & software information from computers and other devices for management, compliance, and audit purposes. We help organizations achieve their ultimate goals through their assets: their employees, their customers, and the monitoring of non-capitalized assets and inventory items.

24x7 IT Service Desk

Our IT service is intended to provide you with round-the-clock information and IT support in connection with ComfNet's products, processes and services. We offer a special one-stop communication channel for resolving technical problems. Call our customer service or send your request online, our technical support team will contact you.

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Our way of IT Infrastructure

ComfNet team deeply examines current performance of your company and identifies latent obstruction factors. This helps us to collect all the factors related to your business.
It provides a wide range of solutions to evaluate risks, customer pain points, cost factors, etc which helps us to come up with the best possible solution in effective time.
Our delivery models can be represented via presentations emphasizing the project scope, timeline, roadmaps, significant physical and functional aspects of the product.
Countries Worldwide

We are well known as one of the best solution provider in many countries world wide.

Happy Customers

At ComfNet we aim at providing customer with the technology which match their requirements

Why would you choose to be an IT infrastructure service provider decide?

Our IT infrastructure specialists have both technical and interpersonal skills. We help organizations achieve their ultimate goals by keeping their assets – their people, their work environment, their customers – organized, digitized, secure, and protected.

Hands-on experience in all aspects of IT infrastructure including software and hardware management.
ComfNet has been around for more than 5 years in providing end-to-end ITC solutions for all vertices of enterprises.
100% Satisfaction
100% Satisfaction
Satisfied customer is our best business strategy. We make sure that project is as per customer need & satisfaction.
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Frequently Asked Questions

IT Infrastructure management plays a key role in reducing the costs of a company thereby retaining the quality intact.

The answer is completely subjective. It entirely depends on the type of organization. However, IT infrastructure services help you create a roadmap and landscape that aligns with your business objectives and comprise quick scalability and high performance.

ComfNet follows a process-driven approach that enables us to accurately understand the applications, infrastructure, and consistently deliver results that meet expectations.

Optimal pricing, flexibility, customer-focused, personalized delivery model, in-depth expertise, and resilient responsive solutions we deliver.


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Emilia Clarke
Henning Tepe,
Co-founder, Transparenseeds
ComfNet Solutions (Dr. Faizan) helped us with his excellent communication skills and guided us through a 10 days Indian trip for our research concerning fair trade and organic cotton. We warmly recommend ComfNet Solutions for consulting if you are interested in starting a business.
Emilia Clarke
Frank Schweikert,
CEO - Aldebran Marine Research & Broadcast
Our professional cooperation on a high level of quality work with ComfNet Solutions (Dr. Faizan). Level of our satisfaction from ComfNet Solutions service is very high and does not require constant supervision. I would highly recommend ComfNet for any of your technology projects.