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e-Visitor Management

Helps your company to digitally manage visitors via our e-Visitor Management System product. Upgrade from the predictable paper, pen, and outdated logbooks and go digital with a single touchpad login that streamlines your reception.

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e-Visitor Management
Digital, fast, reliable and secure!

R evolutionizing the process of visitor’s entry from logbook to a digital solution. This project will give a good impression of the company to the visitors by providing them an easy and digital solution which will minimize the check-in checkout time. Also this solution will help the management to get easy insights of how many visitors visit the company on daily bases, and who are frequent etc.

Benefits to have an electronic visitor management system over a manual visitor sign-in book


Our software solution made visitor entry time and data accurate.

Digital Check-In
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Digital registration becomes easy. Simple forms make it easier for visitors to check-in.

Digital Check-Out

The barcode-enabled checkout functionality makes checkout faster.

Visitor Badges

The automatic printing of visitor badges facilitates the enforcement of badge policies.

Data Storage

We offer two options for storing the data. Either in the cloud or on your company premises.


With one click you can print the daily visitor reports, which are updated and synced with the Database.

Visitor automation

Integrate visitor management systems into your business – fill out, print, scan.

Information Privacy

Security in data storage, security for daily visitors – customers, employees, suppliers, etc.


What are the advantages of e-Visitor Management?

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