Real-time Video processing system to aid Traffic Planning & Analysis.


Traffic Analyzer and Enumerator

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ATCC / AVCC Technology From ComfNet Solutions

TRAZER® (TRaffic AnalyZer and EnumeratoR) is a technology that helps in useful traffic data collection and analysis catering to heterogeneous as well as homogeneous traffic conditions of the developing world. TRAZER® provides accurate and audit-able traffic data perfect for all traffic conditions.

Real-time Video processing system to aid Traffic Planning and Analysis. ATCC applications, Video based Incident Detection (VID), Highway Toll Audit etc.

TRAZER® Suite is a permanent one stop fast automated solution to all the traffic survey and data collection needs. The suffix (TF) stands for Top Frontal which means that the camera is looking at the frontal view of the incoming traffic from top. A perfect solution for city traffic which can automatically and accurately calculate and store rich information like speed and trajectory of vehicles along with the usual ATCC (Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier) statistics for up-to 4 lanes simultaneously. The solution gives user the flexibility to configure the scene and define image to world mapping, occupancy points and vehicle dimensions making it a generic solution for any city of the world.

With TRAZER® Service, we offer this experience so that the customer need not worry about resource planning, resource training, adequate infrastructure and other details.

Features & Benefits of Trazer

We provide complete software solutions for the Logistics and Transportation Industry with the integration of contemporary technologies. Our solutions could optimize traffic routes and enhance business processes.

Video Base Solution

Photographic Evidence & Verification possible using stored Video

Accurate & Auditable

99.9% Accurate Classification, Verifiable & Annotated Videos

24x7 Real Time

Fast Video Processing, AVCC on live feed from IP Camera & Live report generation on live Feed

Automated & Non Intrusive

Advanced Trajectory Management, Minimal user intervention & Zero Maintenance


Sub-classification into detailed categories, Scene configuration, Add/Delete Vehicle & Database Management

Easy Deployment

Extensive user manual, Easy to install, User friendly interface, Integrable into a larger system & online support

Traffic Analyzer & Enumerator

Real-time Video processing system to aid Traffic Planning & Analysis.

Process Flow

Input Video or IP Camera Live Stream

AVCC Using High Tech Trazer Technology

Processed Data Refining

Process flow Travers 4

Output Custom Reports

Application of Trazer in Real World

Speed & Lane Violation Detection

Toll Booth Management / Audit

Video Based Incident Detection


Dynamic Traffic Re-Routing

Congestion Detection

Traffic Census

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Application of
KLiPR in Real World

Speed & Lane Violation Detection

Video Based Incident Detection

Traffic Census

Toll Booth Management / Audit

Dynamic Traffic Re-Routing

Congestion Detection

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