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Compete in this Digital-First world with our advanced level digital transformatiTogether we can create, transform, add value to your business. From strategic digital transformation to DevOps integration to a suitable web solution for your business, ComfNet Solution does it all.on consulting services. We have transformed thousands of companies digitally. Our insight-led, unique, and mindful thinking process helps organizations realize Digital Capital from business outcomes.

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ComfNet Solutions Business Consultancy Approach

Understanding your idea

Our business consultants are all ears to what you have to say. We first understand what your vision is and help you execute it in the right way.

Identify your challenges

We figure out on-the-ground challenges in your business, help you understand your user expectations, and also assists in what needs to be done for a better ROI.

Building Success Together

Our strategic business consultants then integrate the required technical solutions to the challenges of your enterprise and test it for relevant output.

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How We Help

App Development

The future is mobile. Smartphones have changed the way a business operates. ComfNet consultants help you derive the customized mobile application right from the user interface to intuitive navigation that generates maximum ROI.

Digital Transformation

Change the trajectory of your business with minimal tweaks that result in maximum operational efficiency. Our consultant helps you know your business’s need of the hour and provide the expertise, tools, materials you need to align in your process automation.

Software Development

Whether you want to decide on cross-platform or native, cloud-based, or SaaS-based software products, we are here to assist you. As an enterprise software consultant, we analyse business constraints and needs thoroughly before getting into development.

Cost Optimization

Our consultants help identify the cost drivers of an enterprise in order to get better control over key processes. ComfNet increases business value through cost reduction to attain the highest or maximum result possible. We reduce costs to maximize the business value.

DevOps Implementation

Experts at ComfNet set-up DevOps environments for any scale of business and industry to standardize the processes for easy replication and faster delivery. Our specialists assist you to identify in-house opportunities for development and seamless Operations.


Benchmarking is a process of measuring the performance of an enterprise’s products, services, or processes against those of another enterprise considered to be the best in the industry. Our consultants help you identify internal opportunities for improvement.

Why Choose Us For Business Consulting Services?

We provide complete software solutions for the Logistics and Transportation Industry with the integration of contemporary technologies. Our solutions could optimize traffic routes and enhance business processes.

A vision without a strategy remains an illusion. We help organizations draw strategies that foster growth and improve bottomline.
Delivers innovative solutions to help you sustain in the ever-changing business environment ensure you stay competitive and relevant.
Availability 24x7
Availability 24x7
Obstacles do not come with a notice period in business & sometimes are not easy to handle too. Therefore, we make sure we are always available to our clients.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Business consultancy is professionals or expert advisers helping clients on planning, strategy, problem-solving to improve business bottomline. We help in areas such as management, security, human resources, marketing, finance, etc.

Well, typically, any project at ComfNet Solutions begins with the exploration of what you need and current business challenges. Then, if required we include NDA into the project and develop a proposal, timelines, pricing, etc. Once the scope of the project is established, we dig into the development and make your business rise and shine.

We are primarily into Automotive, Logistics, Transportation, E-commerce.

Other than the fact we have highly professional consultants, we would say we are bound to timelines, possess great leadership skills, strategic thinking, and be flexible. We mix and match our organizational strategy and process management to develop a perfect solution for your goals.

We are just an email or call away. You can reach out to us via info@comfnet.com or ring us at
+49 4020947040

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Let us talk about business. Shall we?

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Emilia Clarke
Henning Tepe,
Co-founder, Transparenseeds
ComfNet Solutions (Dr. Faizan) helped us with his excellent communication skills and guided us through a 10 days Indian trip for our research concerning fair trade and organic cotton. We warmly recommend ComfNet Solutions for consulting if you are interested in starting a business.
Emilia Clarke
Frank Schweikert,
CEO - Aldebran Marine Research & Broadcast
Our professional cooperation on a high level of quality work with ComfNet Solutions (Dr. Faizan). Level of our satisfaction from ComfNet Solutions service is very high and does not require constant supervision. I would highly recommend ComfNet for any of your technology projects.